Jennifer Wilbanks


Jennifer Wilbanks

Client Engagement Specialist

Jennifer Wilbanks is the driver behind FYRA Capital Management’s operational engine, helping to ensure a smooth workplace that empowers clients’ retirement dreams. In her role of Client Engagement Specialist, she builds meaningful client relationships and assists with providing insights into their future financial needs.

Before joining FYRA Capital Management, Jennifer held a challenging position at a law firm. This experience led her to reflect on her career and decide she wanted to work in a profession that could bring a ray of sunshine to someone’s day, rather than cast a shadow on it. Jennifer made a bold career switch and now she helps people build confidence in their financial future. While she doesn’t handle investments directly, her role keeps things running smoothly, which, in turn, supports client services. With her keen eye for efficiency and attention to detail, Jennifer consistently enhances the operational processes at the firm.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys football, visiting wineries and reading. Whether she is with her husband, Clark, or spending time with her adult sons, Dalton and Devon, spending quality time with loved ones recharges her for another day of operational excellence.